Snute to Korea

epicesports, 3rd 2013 May Friday 10:48 PM

Snute will be travelling to Korea and will participate in Proleague playing for Teamliquid. Snute will spend time where he will be practising in the EG-TL house with support from the best Korean players and Head Coach Park. He tells in an interview that he is not happy with his performance and that this is just what he needs to get in better form. 

From the airport in Oslo

"The EU solo model is okay too—I've won a good deal of tournaments and money the past months and could have stayed in Europe, playing WCS EU and other tournaments. However, I haven't been happy with my lack of consistency and slow improvement rate the past few months. That's why I know it's the perfect time for me personally to go to Korea and practice there. It was great to be there last year and I'm sure it will be good for me now." -Snute
"Unlike last year where I traveled from PC bang to PC bang, I'm going to stay in the EG-TL house, training under Head Coach Park and learning from the amazing players that are there. I'll do everything I can to make the most out of it and contribute where possible. I know I've been quite shaky the last few months (Katowice, Cebit, Dreamhack) and I can't promise better results right away but I will give it my all and it doesn't hurt to have more foreigners trying! And again, I just want to give another thanks to those who've been supporting me through the hard times!" -Snute


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