Leenock wins Dreamhack Open Stockholm

epicesports, 28th 2013 April Sunday 09:09 PM

Dreamhack Stockholm was last weekend and the Korean Zerg Leenock took the win against Naniwa in an epic best of five final. There were a lot of hype behind the event and up to 120 000 people joined the twitch.tv Dreamhack stream.

This was also broadcasted on Swedish TV, channel SVT. Players that reached to the quarterfinals was Coca, Leenock, HerO, HyuN, Naniwa, SortOf, Gumiho, Jaedong. In the end it ended with Naniwa versus Jaedong, and Leenock versus HerO. Leenock won against Naniwa 3-2 in an exciting match with record breaking view count watching. 

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