Playerlist for Dreamhack Stockholm

epicesports, 9th 2013 April Tuesday 05:52 PM

In just three weeks the big Dreamhack event in Stockholm begins. It has the reputation of being one of the most successful Dreamhack events of them all. The playerlist is amazing, probably the best ever for some people. We present it below. Exact date when it start is in Sweden, Stockholm, 26-27 April. Keep an eye open for when the stream starts on ee to the right.

The bigger names are: Jaedong, MC, Gumiho, Zenio, Violet, HyuN, ForGG, White-Ra, Grubby, Naniwa and ThorZain. 

Caster line-up

  • Apollo
  • Artosis
  • iNcontroL
  • TaKe
  • Adebisi


  • Millenium Adelscott (P)
  •  FXOpen BabyKnight (P)
  •  Bischu (P)
  •  Team Dignitas BlinG (P)
  •  Team Acer Bly (Z)
  •  Team Property Bobson (T)
  •  Team Property Buffy (Z)
  •  Caheg (T)
  •  Quantic Gaming Center (T)
  •  CoCa (Z)
  •  LES copyleft (Z)
  •  Nine Knights Dayman (P)
  •  Millenium Dayshi (T)
  •  dotGaming Duja (P)
  •  Dwar (Z)
  •  elfi (P)
  •  Millenium Feast (P)
  •  Micro Machines fishbone (T)
  •  Need for Seat Flo (T)
  •  Millenium ForGG (T)
  •  Lemondogs Forsen (Z)
  •  Fuzer (T)
  •  Glitche (Z)
  •  eXe Goldhead (Z)
  •  Millenium goswser (Z)
  •  We Like Cookies Gowerly (R)
  •  Grubby (P)
  •  FXOpen gumiho (T)
  •  Team Empire Happy (T)
  •  Team Liquid HerO (P)
  •  PwF HiTeD (T)
  •  Team Property HoBbe (Z)
  •  Evil Geniuses HuK (P)
  •  Quantic Gaming HyuN (Z)
  •  WLC ischgi (Z)
  •  Evil Geniuses Jaedong (Z)
  •  Team Property Jrayc (T)
  •  Evil Geniuses JYP (P)
  •  Team Empire Kas (T)
  •  NrS KrasS (T)
  •  FXOpen Leenock (Z)
  •  Karont3 LucifroN (T)
  •  Millenium MaddeLisk (Z)
  •  Mousesports MaNa (P)
  •  SK Gaming MC (P)
  •  WLC MilLoRd (Z)
  •  XMG monchi (P)
  •  Western Wolves MorroW (T)
  •  Darkstar Multi (P)
  •  NaNiwa (P)
  •  Team Acer Nerchio (Z)
  •  South Point Gaming Nexxy (P)
  •  Fnatic NightenD (P)
  •  NjaL (T)
  •  Evil Geniuses Oz (P)
  •  mYinsanity PengWin (Z)
  •  CMStorm Polt (T)
  •  Mousesports Protosser (Z)
  •  Puzzle (P)
  •  QueenE (P)
  •  Team Liquid Ret (Z)
  •  ReZMaN (Z)
  •  Team Property RunA (P)
  •  ROOT Gaming Sage (P)
  •  Fnatic SaSe (P)
  •  WLC Schlumpfine (T)
  •  Serral (Z)
  •  DarkStar Shadowelock (T)
  •  Team Property SjoW (T)
  •  Team Property Snuffe (Z)
  •  Team Liquid Snute (Z)
  •  DucK SpaceDucK (P)
  •  DarkStar SocialisT (Z)
  •  soed (Z)
  •  Western Wolves StarNaN (P)
  •  Evil Geniuses Stephano (Z)
  • FXOpen Strelok (T)
  •  Suede (Z)
  •  TargA (Z)
  •  mYinsanity Tarson (T)
  •  Leipzig E-Sports TheBigOne (T)
  •  Evil Geniuses ThorZaIN (T)
  •  timestamp (T)
  •  Team Liquid TLO (Z)
  •  ToD (P)
  •  Anexis Verdi (P)
  •  AZUBU viOLet (Z)
  •  Newrosoft Welmu (P)
  •  Tt eSORTS White-Ra (P)
  •  Druidz WonnaPlay (P)
  •  XMG XlorD (Z)
  •  Team South Point Xylla (P)
  •  ROOT Gaming Yugioh (Z)
  •  Fnatic Zanster (Z)
  •  Team Liquid Zenio (Z)

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