Blizzard buying IGNProLeague

epicesports, 8th 2013 April Monday 10:27 PM

IPL had been a hot topic if it was going to be sold to anyone, or just shutted down completely. IGN announced this not too long ago, that there were closing their organization behind IGN IPL. Today, we get to know differently, IPL has been bought by Blizzard. Kevin Knocke confirms this with a tweet on his own: "Yes, it's true. I'm proud to announce I'm the new Manager of Online Broadcasting for Blizzard Entertainment. More details to come! So excited".

Blizzard Entertainment announced today that it has purchased IGN Pro League technology and assets from the company. In addition, Blizzard has hired several members of the IPL staff to create a new team based in San Francisco, California. -GameSpot


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