NaNiwa to announce new team and return to Korea

epicesports, 25th 2013 March Monday 06:24 PM

Yesterday NaNiwa won the fifth qualifier for the EsportSM finals (Swedish National series in e-sport). In the interview afterwards he told Aftonbladet that he has already joined a new team but it will official in a couple of weeks. He will also be returning to Korea to practice.

He also says that under the right conditions he is the best Swedish player with the highest potential. NaNiwa also says that the only reason that he´s in the national series is to beat ThorZain and is also tired of hearing that people calls the Swedish terran "King of the North".
Quote from the artice.
"I don´t want to be compared with with ThorZain. I think I´m much better than him".
To me it seams like NaNiwa is more motivated than ever. In the finals yesterday he won against our Protoss player RunA and his play were really thought through. I guess we will see him play for his new team at Dreamhack Open Stockholm. Will there be a TvP finals with NaNiwa vs ThorZain? 
Which team do you think has recruited NaNiwa? In the beginning for 2013 WW was rumored to have signed NaNiwa but later is was confirmed as false.
Source: Aftonbladet
Translation: Teamliquid
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