Puma now free agent

epicesports, 15th 2013 March Friday 02:49 PM

Evil Geniuses releasing one of their Korean Terran players, Puma, Lee Ho Joon.

Today, we’re announcing that after having him as part of our family for more than a year and half, Evil Geniuses will be releasing Ho Joon “PuMa” Lee from our roster. We’ve parted ways amicably, with both sides very much appreciating what we’ve done for each other. You guys hear this kind of thing a lot in press releases (a player separating from a team, with both sides saying nothing but nice things about the other), and you’re usually skeptical about such public warmth – rightfully so, as oftentimes, it’s a bunch of fluff, with juicy, dramatic, behind-the-scenes details being withheld from the public eye. But this is not one of those cases.

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