IPL 6 might be canceled

epicesports, 2nd 2013 March Saturday 01:35 AM

One of the major events from IGN, IPL, might be canceled. Sources comes directly from gamestop.com. However, Scoots, one of the better known characters in the esports scene tweets out the following information that IPL 6 has only been postponed; "BREAKING: SSNN is going to go ahead and call this one - IPL6 will be cxl/postponed. #sirscootsnewsnetwork" -SirScoots on Twitter.

Sponsors of the IGN ProLeague event have told GameSpot the products they sent over for sponsorship are being returned to them. Korean-based league OnGameNet said yesterday that the IPL6 League of Legends Korean qualifiers have been cancelled due to change in management policies and financial difficulties.
The IPL website has also removed links on the front page to reserve hotel rooms for the weekend. -Gamestop
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