Squirtle joins team LG-IM

epicesports, 25th 2013 February Monday 01:23 PM

StarCraft II progamer Park Hyun Woo under the name Squirtle did leave his previous team StarTale a few months ago. LG-IM announces that Squirtle has officially joined their team. Squirtle is a top Korean Protoss player with amazing results in both GSL where he once reached second place in Code S 2012 and in other tournaments as well.


As he joined LG-IM, Squirtle has stated, "As I have been in search for a new team, I have realized the importance and preciousness of practicing, thus I want to regain my lost abilities and put it to focus."
He has expressed his feelings that with Choi Yong Hwa, Kang Hyun Woo, Jang Min Chul, and Ahn Sang Won by his side, they will become good practice partners and comrades as the launch of Heart of the Swarm becomes one step closer. -IM
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