What is the mysterious #Vengeance?

epicesports, 15th 2013 February Friday 06:17 PM

Blizzard has a mysterious project going on leaving the community with nothing but pieces of a bigger image. This project is called Vengeance. It's all being discussed through different social medias, such as Twitter and reddit, where people speculates of what this really is about. Down below are some of the listed things that Blizzard came out with.


  • Wallpaper image puzzled from images into one big, still missing a few parts.
  • Stream page on twitch from the adress on the puzzle image.
  • Starts 2/26/2013, date given through the twitch.tv address.


Some people think this is a tournament, and a big one. With all the names from an image Blizzard published before does this seem very possible.


There are names of big casters, such as Artosis, Tasteless, Apollo, Husky, Day9, and many others, including players. Some of the best players. Parting, MC, Jaedong, Leenock and others. 

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