New esports bar in Berlin, Germany

Moses Johansson, 5th 2013 February Tuesday 07:07 PM

Today Meltown announced that they are opening up another esports bar. One already exists in Paris. Now they are setting up their next esports bar in Germany together with team Foxy. The bar is more than 140m² big and is located next to the Hermannplatz in Berlin. Doors will open up 16th February. You can also watch the repotage video in German at YouTube here.


Meltdown Berlin will open at 16th February 2013. The bar is more than 140m² big and next to the Hermannplatz in Berlin. They will show StarCraft II of course, but also other eSport titles like League of Legends or Dota 2. Meltdown Berlin is a subcompany of Meltdown Paris. In the new Meltdown, it is possible to held some StarCraft II tournaments. It is planned to open more Meltdown eSports Bars in Europe.The walk around was made on Sunday at 3rd February 2013. So as you can see, there is still a lot of work to do. If you live in Berlin and you want to help, you can contact David at or at If you are not living in Berlin, simply like the Facebook page and show your support. The Adress of the location is Urbanstraße 87, 10967 Berlin. Everyone who wants to come to the grand opening at 16th February is invited to come. -Mori, reddit


Another esports bar opening in London

Thanks a lot Mori for the interview ! As one of the co-creators of Meltdown, I am really happy to see the entousiasm around the opening of our bar in Berlin and I would like to thank you all for that ! For those who are currently in London, brace yourselves, we are also opening quite soon there :) See you all very soon! -ashiara

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