Rookie of the month: Yong

Moses Johansson, 2nd 2013 February Saturday 03:42 PM

This rookie of the month has been decided and it is no one else than Clarity Gaming's player Yong.


Hong "Yong" Sung Yong is a Korean StarCraft II progamer that has been playing for SlayerS, ZeNEX and Team Vile. In November 23, 2012, he switched team to Clarity Gaming after having a short break where he were focusing on education.


At his current state right now has he improved a ton, he is truly someone to look out for. Some of his recent performance has been shown where he took off three games from Western Wolves in a showmatch. The players Yong took out were some of the better progamers out there: MorroW, Ziktomini and SortOf.




His playstyle is unique with well-though out build orders and incredible micro. Catch his play on and follow him on Twitter.


Clarity Gaming

Clarity Gaming's words from when they were announced Yong.


Clarity Gaming is pleased and proud to announce the recruitment of Yong formerly of SlayerS/ZenEX/vile fame. SungYong is a South Korean native and has decided to return to progaming after a brief retirement to focus on his education. His unique, well-though out build orders and impeccable micro make this incredible player truly someone to follow in the coming months. -Clarity Gaming


Clarity Gaming's Interview

It’s been a while since you’ve retired from progaming. What have you been up to all this time?

After i retired as a gamer, I went back to school.

Have you still been playing the game a lot?
I played LoL sometimes with my friends but didn't play SC2 at all.
When Quantic and Vile merged it was a huge surprise that you didn’t follow your former teammates and join Quantic Gaming, what was the reason behind this decision?
The contract was till March. Then i went back to school.
Having just joined Clarity Gaming, what made you choose this team out of all the other North American teams?
Mercy suggested to play it again and I heard about Clarity Gaming from him. He talked good things about CG, I felt i could do better when i join this team.
You join an already extremely talented pool of players on the Clarity Gaming roster, what do you think you can help bring to the team?
Right now, i'm not that in good shape, but will practice hard and achieve something for CG.
Since it’s been quite a while since you’ve been in the pro scene of SC2, what do you think about the balance of the game right now especially in the Protoss matchups?
It's not the balance's problem. The reason I lose is because I'm worse than my opponent.
What are your ambitions from this point on having just came out of retirement and joining a new team?
My goal is to achieve something in major tournaments.
Where can we be expecting to see you in the future and how do you rank yourself against the large array of talent in the SC2 professional scene at the moment?
You may see it in tournaments. Right now i'm 50/100. I'll try hard to make it 100/100.
What do you think of all the Brood War players coming over to SC2 and making such a big impact? 
Ever since BW players move to SC2, I had expected lots of things would be changed.
If you could play one Brood War player in the Grand Finals of an SC2 tournament who would it be?
I’ve only watched Rain's matches so i don't know who to vote for.
What goals have you set for your second try at a programing career and what’s different this time than the last?
Advance any league/tournaments and play games. I wasn't greedy at all when i was BW gamer. Now? It's different.
Any final shout outs you would like to give?
Thank you for reading. I'll try my best to show you good games!
This is an interview that was posted on Teamliquid where he explains how it was becoming a progamer and about joining Clarity Gaming.


  • 1st Place, TeamSpeak TL Open 24
  • 2nd Place, TeamSpeak TL Open 22
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