Amazing crowd at IEM Katowice

epicesports, 18th 2013 January Friday 11:16 PM

IEM Katowice in Poland seems to be a huge success. The entrance was open to the public the first day and people were fast to take their seats in Spodek, the venue.


The ESL editor and producer Alexander H. Shedden, tweets out that they were over 500 people waiting outside to get in. Khaldor continues with a tweet of his own: "People are already queuing up to get into the venue at IEM Katowice!  Some of the apparently waiting since 6am!". People have been cheering and shouting for both StarCraft II and League of Legends matches, showing that Poland has great enthusiasm for esports.


We collected some amazing photos from IEM Katowice for your pleasure.


Image taken by Carni.


Image from IEM on facebook.


Image from IEM on facebook.


Image from Khaldor.


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