Squirtle Leaves StarTale

epicesports, 14th 2013 January Monday 08:57 AM

Squirtle was one of the best Protoss players for team StarTale, even one of the best in the world according to many. He is now leaving StarTale. Squirtle has incredible results such as being second for WCS: South Korea Nationals, 2012 Global StarCraft II League Season 2 and IGN ProLeague Season 4 under the year of 2012. What he can bring to the table 2013 is unkown, but we can be sure he won't be disappointing us. It got announced through facebook that Squirtle leaves, this is what their coach said:


"Hello, I am StarTale's director Coach Won. We are sad this news must reach you today. Squirtle has left to find another team recently. Unfortunately, we must part with Squirtle, and hope he finds a great future along with the fans. Below is a press conference.
"Squirtle" Park Hyun-Woo, has left StarTale
StarTale's Squirtle has left the team. He left ST to find another team. StarTale's main issue revolved around the difference in salary and Squirtle's asking amount. Both PartinG and Squirtle leaving the team was done amicably. Squirtle has been in the SC2 scene since the beginning, and a member of ST since its inception. He was the GSL S2 runner-up, IPL4 runner-up, displaying incredible skill especially in GSL. StarTale's Coach Won says, "We are hoping for the best in Squirtle's future. Whichever team picks him up will have a great team. Both PartinG and Squirtle left the team as free agents without transfer fees. -Facebook, ST 
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