Sase is playing for Gama Bears in TeSL

epicesports, 14th 2012 December Friday 09:26 PM

Sase has temporary  joined the The Taiwan eSports League Gama Bears for three weeks and will be attending TeSL.


The Taiwan eSports League (TeSL) is a televized league featuring three games: Kart Rider (Racing), Special Forces (Team-based FPS) and StarCraft II. It is probably more popular than other people think it is. Gama Bears have 80,000 fans on Facebook. Wayi Spider have 90,000. Pretty significant considering a team such as Evil Geniuses have half that amount. Players live in team houses, and teams often have corporate sponsors, giving a very healthy impression of the Taiwanese eSport scene. -TL


Sase is no longer a Quantic player after Quantic Gaming disbanded, this gives players like Sase the possibility to play for teams such as Gama Bears. In this team, there are players like Sen, one of the greatest Zerg players out there. This could mean that Sase will improve his PvZ and other matchups drastically. Not just practise, but he will also have the opportunity to play five broadcasted matches on television.

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