NASL 4 Finals Preview

epicesports, 8th 2012 December Saturday 08:37 PM

In just a few minutes the action begins from NASL, North Amercian Star League. This season from NASL has never been any better. Due to many improvements along the previous seasons, we should expect an amazing event. There is a nice mix of players with both terran(3), protoss(1) and zerg(4) players. We will of course have a link to the stream where you can watch this live, you will find the link to the right of our page under "Live Events". Today is quarterfinals and semifinals, tomorrow is the grand final.

must-watch-matches according to epicesports

Taeja vs HerO
The fact that we actually can see these players fight each other again as a rematch from Dreamhack Winter Grand Finals where HerO won 4-0 against Taeja will be really exciting!


viOLet vs DeMusliM
Violet has been participating in a lot of tournaments recently thanks to AZUBU and been proving that he is one of the better zerg players among the Koreans and foreigners. DeMusliM on the other hand has been stepping his game up. One of his major result recently: taking second place at Samsung European Encounter.



nasl4 players


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nasl4 grand final

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